Hi there and welcome to my blog!

In late 2010 I found the blog world (I know, I know, I am really late to it). Over time I really started to enjoy Healthy Living Blogs and all the awesome things I found one them. The more blogs I added to my Google Reader the more I wanted to start my own. So as the end of 2011 approached I decided that to kick off 2012, I would start my own!

I am a late (very late) 20 something, newlywed living in beautiful Charleston, S.C. I grew up outside of Richmond, Virginia but pretty much moved to South Carolina when I went off to the University of South Carolina in August of 2000. Go Gamecocks!

2010 SEC Championship pre-game. Me, my bff Val (far right) and her sister

I have struggled with weight since I was in middle school and I still haven’t found the best solution to keep it off for good and be happy. Over the past few years I have gotten into running and completed about 5 10K’s and 5 5K’s. I am hoping to complete a Half Marathon by the end of 2012. My blog will serve as a  journal of my daily struggles, goals, workouts, and life in general.

Me and my husband Chris. Pictures courtesy of Olive Productions

So here I go. I hope you enjoy and let me know you stopped by!



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