I Got Over It

The 2012 Cooper River Bridge Run is in the books and it was probably my least favorite race I have done.

I got in my corral at 7:40am yesterday and was ready to go. There was some rain on the radar so I was ready to get going in hopes we would miss it. 8:00am quickly arrived but the race didn’t start. The normal music and announcers weren’t on the PA. Time continued to pass and nothing. Then the announcers came on and said less than 5 minutes to start time. Again more time would pass. 8:30 rolled around, the sun started coming out of clouds, people around me started getting restless. Then again the announcers came on saying less than 2 minutes to start time, people started booing. I stood there amazed. In the other 4 times I had participated in this race it had always started right on time at 8:00am and now it was at least 45 minutes late.

Everyone waiting…


Finally at 8:55am it started! I crossed the start line a little after 9am and instantly I could tell my legs were already tired due to standing in our starting corral for so long. I told myself that they would warm up after a mile and I was right, but the temperature also warmed up. By 1.5 miles I was already feeling the heat and humidity. We got onto to the bridge and there was a nice breeze, but the incline of the bridge was still tough. I did some walking but made myself go back and forth between running and walking.



Coming down the bridge was better, but it was getting warmer and warmer and I was getting hotter and hotter. I pushed myself to make it off the bridge where I knew there was a water station. It didn’t work, I did some walking but as I got closer to downtown I was able to keep a better pace.



Once downtown I was tired but it helped to know I only had a little under 2 miles left. Once we got onto King St. there were fans cheering us on and I knew I could make it across the finish line with out anymore walking.

Cooper River Bridge Run in Charleston, SC - March 31, 2012

Finally we made the last turn and I could see the finish line. When I crossed I looked down at my watch and had 1:07:50. No personal records set, but after a late start I knew that would be hard to accomplish. I made my way to finish festival, but with all the hot sweaty crowd I knew I needed to get out of there fast and head home.

Overall, it was an ok race this year. I did hear that some people had issues getting water, but I had no problems with this. I did start near the front of the pack though. I will probably race again next year but with my fingers crossed that it goes back to starting on time.


2 thoughts on “I Got Over It

  1. Hi!! I just found your blog through Peanut Butter Fingers! I am a SC resident as well and I absolutely love running! Congrats on your CRBR finish! I didn’t run this year and from what I have heard, I am kind of glad I didn’t! What a great race for you, though!! I love skimming the blog world and finding bloggers in SC, especially runners! 🙂 Keep up your training and you will be ready to run a half-marathon in no time!!!

    • Hi Britton! Thanks for stopping by, I am glad you found me! I love reading other SC blogs too. You didn’t miss much with CRBR this year. Hopefully next year it will start on time!

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