What I Ate Wednesday

It’s my very first What I Ate Wednesday post. It’s being posted on a Wednesday, but it’s actually what I ate yesterday.

Breakfast: One of my current favorites…

Lunch: I had to take a client out for lunch and we went to Sesame Burgers and Beer. I had the Burger Bowl. It was a beef burger on a salad with shredded cheddar cheese and bacon crumbles. The dressing was their house vin, which I think was Basil Pesto.

Afternoon snack: One small banana and one Hershey Kiss (seriously only 1!).

Pre-workout snack: a cup of Cheerios with milk (no picture)

Dinner: Bertolli Frozen Meal (Shrimp Scampi) and roasted broccoli.

Roasted broccoli is one of my new favorite side dishes. Hoping to post my recipe soon. The frozen pasta dinner is so fast and so easy, but tonights was blah. We probably won’t be buying that one again.

And that is it for the day!

What is your favorite veggie side dish?


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