It’s Friday!

I am in a great mood, and even more so because its FRIDAY! Here are five things I am loving right now…

1. Tina Reale’s Best Body Bootcamp! So far I have completed 4 of the workouts for the week and I am planning on completing #5 later on today. Going into the week I thought it would kick my butt and I would be exhausted, but I am feeling gooood!! I also love the additional goals I have set for myself. I have been eating a lot more veggies all week long.

2. Sunday is the beginning of Daylight Savings time! I love when it stays light out long after I leave work.

3. Spring in Charleston. There are so many great events to get excited for. The Family Circle Cup and the Cooper River Bridge run are two of my favorites (the Bridge Run actually sold out this week)!


4. Our yard sale on Saturday. We have a ton of stuff to sell so I am hoping we make some cash money.

5. And since we have a yard sale tomorrow I took the day off! I am enjoying the day by sleeping in, eating some tasty oatmeal, going to Target, organizing for our yard sale and getting in workout C for Bootcamp.

Hope everyone has a great Friday!


3 thoughts on “It’s Friday!

  1. This actually looks really interesting! I don’t think about finances too often, but I know.we could probably improve our spending and saving habits. Thanks for the info!

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