Shin Splints

Yesterday evening I attempted to do at least a 2.5 mile run.  About 8 mins into running my shins were killing me! I kept trying to push through but ended up having to walk. Just like last Friday when my legs felt like lead, I tried to figure out what was going on.

I came up with a few reasons:
1. Since I got new shoes a few weeks ago I have been going back and forth between them and my older shoes. Last night I wore the new shoes. Are my new shoes causing the shin splints?
2. Increase in number of workouts. I did 5 workouts last week and one included a 4 mile run.
3. Maybe I just needed a rest day?

As soon as I got home from my run I tried to figure out ways to stop the shin splints. Here is what I found:

1. Compression socks. I have been seeing them all over blogs lately and maybe I should give them a try. They are a little pricey though.  

2. Ice. This didn’t work for me last night. I just didn’t have enough time. But I know icing helps with knee pain as well.  

3. Stretching exercises. A few years ago when I trained for my first 10K I learned about some stretching excercises with your feet that help shin splints(I just looked it up and they are called ankle active range of motion excercises). You pretty much just point and flex your toes and then circle your foot around clockwise and then back counter clockwise. It feels really good on my shins when I do it. Here are a few more exercises I just found.  

4. My shoes? Maybe my new shoes are causing them. Next time I run I am going to go back to my old shoes.

5. Rest. This is the only other thing I came up with. So today I decided that my body might just need a rest day, so that’s what its getting.

Have you ever gotten shin splints? What is your best remedy for them?


2 thoughts on “Shin Splints

  1. I’ve had LOTS of trouble with shin splints. I always run with CEP compression shin sleeves (but I think I’d get the socks in the future), I ice like crazy post-run, and I try to do more stretches. My chiropractor also suggested fast toe-taps to build up the shin muscles. While sitting or standing, keep your heel on the ground and tap your toe as fast as possible for as long as possible. Good luck!! Shin splints are not fun.

  2. Shin splints are the worst! I get them on the side of my shins, it is so weird. I’ve found that rest is one of the best cures and stretching helps as well. Also, if you can roll something like a tennis ball over the area that is painful with some pressure, it helps increase the blood flow. Hope it feels better soon!

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