Weekly Goals 2.20.12

Ah, I am a little behind on this post as it is now Tuesday! Sorry if these posts seem a little stale but setting weekly goals has really been helping me. I feel focused and most of the time I feel like I am really making some progress.

So let’s review last week…

Goals from week of 2.13.12


1. Solidify a race plan for Cooper River Bridge Run on 3.31.12. Start to follow the race plan. I am thinking a combination of a Hal Higdon plan as well as a plan through Runner’s World Smart Coach.  Done and done!
2. Through #1 complete at least 4 workouts this week. I worked out four days in row to accomplish this one and it felt good!


3. Complete a mid-month budget review with Chris and hopefully pay off a big chunk of one credit card. Woohoo, we paid off a huge chunk of one credit card and it got us both motivated to keep going!
4. Catch up with one more friend this week to complete goal from last week. No luck here.
5. Complete up to Day 5 of Katy Widrick’s Blog Homework. Also no luck here.

Next up…

 Goals for week of 2.20.12

1. Get in 3 -4 training runs this week. Preferrably one 2 miles, one 3 miles and one 3.5-4 miles.

Home Life:
2. Go through chest of drawers in bedroom and get rid of old/non-worn clothes.
3. Get close to finishing or finish The Paris Wife
4. Write and mail thank you cards

That’s all for now. Since its already Tuesday I will admit that I am already well on my way to meeting a few of the above.

Questions: Do you set weekly goals? How do you stay motivated? 


2 thoughts on “Weekly Goals 2.20.12

  1. I don’t set weekly goals, though I should. I set yearly goals and lifetime goals and then look at them and revise them as often as I remember. You should look at some of Anthony Robbins’ goal setting stuff – it’s amazing! All the best for this week!

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