Feels so good!

I did it! 4 workouts in for the week and it feels so good! The beginning of the week was really busy for me but from Thursday through today I was able to get in a workout each day.

Thursday: 2 mile run (average 11:00 mile)
Friday: Jillian’s Shed and Shred Level 1
Saturday: 3 mile run (average 10:55 mile)
Sunday: Bridalicious Bootcamp Total Body workout

Now I am feeling motivated to start the week off right. I am even planning on getting up in the morning to get a 2 mile run in before work.

Other highlights from the weekend…

I actually verbalized my plans to run a Half Marathon by the end of the year. Last night at a baby shower I told my Mother-in-law and soon to be sister-in-law about my hopes to do a half and that I wanted to do one in Disney. I would love to do the Disney Princess Half Marathon, but its next weekend and I am in no way prepared for that (and I am also pretty sure it sold out months ago). Just talking about it got me motivated to do some more research and make it work to do a Disney race this year. It looks like the Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon is the second weekend in November. I also want to look into Team in Training.

My hubby and I also had a great weekend. We are making some great progress with our Dave Ramsey baby steps and we also planned out some new meals for dinner for this week. Fingers crossed that it will be a good week!

So how was your weekend?


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