New Kicks

Tonight was the first time I worked out since last Tuesday! I got in a 2 mile run and I got to try out the new shoes I got over the weekend.

Saucony Women's Guide 5

When I was in Reading, Pa. last weekend me and my mom checked out an awesome little running store called A Running Start. They evaluate the way you walk barefoot and then suggest the best shoe for you. I have been to a store like this before but they put me on a treadmill and had me run while my feet were videoed. I thought it was awesome that the guy at this store could just watch me walk and know what my foot needed. I had the idea that I needed a shoe with moderate stability and that is what he recommended and that is what I got.

Tonight’s run was pretty good. I felt strong during the first mile but as I was halfway through the second mile my legs started to feel tired and heavy. I guess that’s what a long break will do to you. I am planning for 3 more miles at some point over the weekend.

I worked up a training plan through Runners World Smart Coach so now I have a plan to follow up to the Cooper River Bridge Run on March 31st (7 weeks from Saturday!). I would love to do it in under 60 minutes but my training may be a little lacking.

So to reach my weekly workout goal that I set on Monday, I need to workout Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I think I can do it!

Happy Friday Eve! Do you have any big plans for the weekend?


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