Weekly Goals 2.13.12

It’s that time again, time to set some goals for the week. I did horribly last week so I am really ready for a fresh start this week. Let’s review last week…

Goals for week of 2.6.12

1. Eat more veggies! Have at least one serving in lunch and dinner! I started off doing well, but as the week went on I feel of track.  
2. Once again, workout 4 times. I am heading North on Friday to spend some time with my mom, but I still should be able to fit in 4 workouts. I was horrible, horrible, horrible on this goal. I got in 1, yes that’s right, only ONE workout all week. I was just lazy and feeling like I was getting another cold. This week will be better! 

3. Finalize plans for Valentine’s Day and put together a little surprise to leave behind for Chris while I am out of town this weekend. We did finalize plans, but I couldn’t come up with a surprise in time. 
4. Start a new book, again! Woohoo, finally one completed! 
5. Catch up via phone with 2 friends I haven’t talked to in awhile. This was half completed. I caught up with one friend while at the airport on Sunday. 
6. Complete up to at least Day 5 of Katy Widrick’s Blog HomeworkNope, not even close on this one. 

So this week is reset week, I am going to knock it out of the park and take care of business!

Goals for week of 2.13.12


1. Solidify a race plan for Cooper River Bridge Run on 3.31.12. Start to follow the race plan. I am thinking a combination of a Hal Higdon plan as well as a plan through Runner’s World Smart Coach.
2. Through #1 complete at least 4 workouts this week.


3. Complete a mid-month budget review with Chris and hopefully pay off a big chunk of one credit card.
4. Catch up with one more friend this week to complete goal from last week.
5. Complete up to Day 5 of Katy Widrick’s Blog Homework.

So here I go again! I hope your Monday is off to a good start.


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