Another busy week is well on its way but I am happy to say that I got a workout in tonight!

Tuesday’s Workout:
5 min warm up walk
2.5 mile run (about 27 minutes averaging around a 11:15/min mile)
3 min cool down walk
Total cardio: 35 min, covering 2.7 miles
Plus 10 min abs (details below)

When I got home I tried out Toned in ’12 Ab Circuit that I saw on Meghann’s blog earlier today. I only did 3 sets and I was totally feeling it. Actually I was really feeling it after the first set. It took me about 10 minutes to get through the 3 sets.

For dinner tonight I made some spaghetti squash as a side. I mixed some roasted broccoli in with it as well as some salt, pepper, tiny bit of butter and parmesan cheese. It was just ok. I think I need to try some other recipes. I can see how meatballs and tomato sauce would be good on top of it.

Alrighty, I am getting sleepy. Off to bed I go!


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