Weekly Goals 2.6.12

Once again, another week has passed. I have been really tired today and almost didn’t write this post, but setting goals over the past 2 weeks (thanks to Money Saving Mom) has been really helpful so I want to continue it. But first let’s review last week…

Goals for week of 1.30.12:

1. Workout 4 times. This is going to be tough, I have a pretty busy week ahead of me!  This ended up being too tough to fit in. I did get in 3 workouts though, and 3 workouts is better than none! 
2.  Find a new healthy meal to incorporate into weekly routine. Can be breakfast, lunch or dinner. Although it wasn’t a meal, I made a new appetizer for the Super Bowl that I haven’t made before, and it was semi-healthy. I will check that one off.

3. Participate in the PB Fingers, The Night Circus book review link up. And had the most views on my blog in its 1.5 month history 🙂 Thanks Julie! I am planning on participating in the February PBFingersBook Club.
4. Start a new book. Started and finished Emily Giffin’s Heart of the Matter in 3 days!! Review coming later this week.
5. Go through at least one closet/storage area to find stuff to add to yard sale pile. I found a whole bunch of things to put in our yard sale and also changed my mind on some other things I originally didn’t want to sell. But it’s time to pay off some debt!

Goals for week of 2.6.12

1. Eat more veggies! Have at least one serving in lunch and dinner!
2. Once again, workout 4 times. I am heading North on Friday to spend some time with my mom, but I still should be able to fit in 4 workouts.

3. Finalize plans for Valentine’s Day and put together a little surprise to leave behind for Chris while I am out of town this weekend.
4. Start a new book, again!
5. Catch up via phone with 2 friends I haven’t talked to in awhile.
6. Complete up to at least Day 5 of Katy Widrick’s Blog Homework.

I even added a 6th goal for the week! Let’s see how it goes.

Got any good suggestions of a cute surprise (PG-13 rated) I could leave behind for my hubby while I am out of town this weekend? 


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