Weekend Warrior

I have been off the radar for the past few days. My weekend was full of reading, working out, relaxing and the Super Bowl (woohoo Giants!).

First I was super pumped about my run/walk on Saturday. I took a look at the Couch to 10K program and figured I could tackle Week 9 Day 1 which was:
5 min walking warm up
7 min run
2 min walk
Repeat 7x!
5 min walking cool down
Total was 71 minutes and I covered about 5.5 miles. Afterwards, I was feeling tired but accomplished.

I knew Sunday would include a lot of bad foods so I wanted to make sure I fit in a workout. I ended up trying out a Jillian DVD I got for Christmas, Shed and Shred.

It had a few of the same moves that are in Ripped in 30 but it was a different format. I liked that there was a 5 min warm up full 30+ minute workout and then a 5 min cool down. I really enjoyed it and I am feeling it today.

On Sunday afternoon we headed over to a friends house for an Oyster Roast and to watch the game. It was a good time (I forgot to take my camera with me), but made even better when the Giants won! I called it the other night too (not the score though).

For the get together everyone brought a dish and I ended up making Mexican Rollups. They seemed to be a hit, hardly any were left at the end of the night. I even got to try the cookie dough dip you see on Pinterest! That was probably the most popular dish of the night.

Now it’s Monday and I am feeling drained after a later than normal bedtime last night.

What was your favorite highlight of the weekend? I would say mine was my long run/walk on Saturday!


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