The Night Circus

For the past few weeks I have been reading The Night Circus as a part of the PB Fingers January Book Club (which will be discussed on Julie’s blog on Feb. 1). This was such a complex book that I don’t even know where to start. I think I will start with some basic questions first.

**If you haven’t read this book yet and plan to, you may want to stop here**

1) Was it a good book? Yes! I was really into for about 3/4 of it, but then it started to drag for me. Even with that said, it was still really good. It had my attention from the get go and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

2) Would you recommend it? Yes. Some of the research I did talked about how this book was very similar to The Time Travelers Wife as it is written in a non-linear timeline. Some people may not enjoy that and find it confusing. So if you didn’t like The Time Travelers Wife I wouldn’t suggest this for you. I, on the other hand really enjoyed the non-linear timeline and found that it made me dig deeper into the book. I did read this book on my Nook so flipping back and forth from chapter to chapter to see what happened when was a little cumbersome.

3) What did you like about it? I enjoyed the love story between Marco and Celia; I loved the clock, which would be awesome to see recreated; I loved the Midnight dinners that Chandresh hosted; I loved that it took place in the past; I loved the contrast of the black in white and then the red; one of my most favorite parts of the book was when Celia finally realized Marco was her competition through his magic umbrella.

4) What did you dislike about it? Like I said earlier, I was really into it at first but then it started to drag on. Also some of the circus description that so many people love, seemed to  be a little too much for me.

Other comments/thoughts/questions: There are some things about the ending that I am not really grasping, especially the interactions between Chandresh and Poppett and the man in the gray suit and Widget. I guess for such a build up I was expecting more of an ending.

Trees seem to be some type of symbol that I can’t really tie together.
Bailey had his tree where he was first dared to enter the circus, and then later was in the tree when he realized the circus had returned.
The Wishing Tree, which I believe was Celia made for Marco.
Widget told a story of a man stuck in a tree.
There was something else with trees involving Prospero, and losers of past challenges (I just can’t remember them specifically.

Overall I would give it 4.5 out of 5 stars.

What were your thoughts? Did you pick up on things that I am missing?


4 thoughts on “The Night Circus

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  2. I think the trees represent the circus and also Marco & Celia’s love. Trees are strong, they are steady and they are long-lived. I felt when the challenge ended, it allowed the circus and their love to be all these things. Marco’s tree kept the people of the circus young and healthy. I think they all tie into the strength and long life that trees represent. That’s just my opinion! I was also frustrated by the timeline mainly because of reading on my Kindle!

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