Weekly Goals 1.30.12

A week has passed since I set some goals to accomplish this past week. So how did I do?

Health Fitness:

1. Workout 4 times 

2. Do one running workout that incorporates speed work.

3. Continue to focus on healthier eating and limiting junk.


4. Finish reading The Night Circus and complete review for PBFingers book review link up on February 1st. (my Nook updated one night and drained the battery so it ate in to time I could have been reading)

5. Attend Dave Ramsey FPU class on Jan.25 and complete homework for Feb. 1st class.

Wow, I did pretty good!! I liked having these goals, I think it is actually the reason I accomplished 4 workouts this past week.

So lets set some more.


Goals for week of 1.30.12:

1. Workout 4 times. This is going to be tough, I have a pretty busy week ahead of me!  
2.  Find a new healthy meal to incorporate into weekly routine. Can be breakfast, lunch or dinner.

3. Participate in the PB Fingers, The Night Circus book review link up.
4. Start a new book.
5. Go through at least one closet/storage area to find stuff to add to yard sale pile.

I am going to go with 5 again this week, and then check back again in a week.


Tonights workout almost didn’t happen. I sat in a lot of traffic and it took me 45 minutes to get home, when it normally takes me under 30. It was frustrating. I am happy to say that when I walked in the door I kicked my butt into shape and got back out the door! I have 3 busy days ahead of me so I couldn’t say I would do it tomorrow!

And do it I did!

3 min warm-up walk
2 mile run (mile 1 at 11:08, mile 2 at 10:50)
5 min cool down walk

1 min walking lunges x2
1 min squats x2
1 min double leg raise (I think that’s what you call it) x2

Total was about 40 min


Have you set goals for the year/month/week? How are you doing so far?  


2 thoughts on “Weekly Goals 1.30.12

  1. Congrats on completing your goals for last week. There is nothing better then crossing something off your list. Good Luck for next week.

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