3 Easy

I say this a lot but this winter has been a warm one. Again today it was warm with highs in the upper 60s. A perfect day to get out for a run!

My planned workout for today was 3 easy miles. It’s been quite some time since I have ran 3 miles straight (I think October of last year) but I headed out thinking I would give it my best shot. I went down to Daniel Island where there is ton of room to run and lots of beautiful scenery!

I warmed up with a walk for .25 miles (about 5 minutes) and then started off with a slow jog.
Mile 1: average pace 11:34, I was feeling pretty good after this mile.
Mile 2: average pace 11:54, I was starting to feel it now.
Mile 3: I got about .25 miles in and decided to take a walking break. I also stopped and took some pictures and then tried to finish it out running a faster pace than my first mile. Average pace ended up at 12:49.
I then finished up with a cool down walk and ended up covering about 3.6 miles in 48 minutes.

My feelings on my workout were good and bad. I am still amazed at how slow I am, but on the other hand I am proud of myself that I got out there and covered 3.6 miles. Like I said, its been a long time since I have done that! That is also my 3rd workout for the week so only one more tomorrow and I will reach my goal of 4 for the week.

Now I am going to try to finish up The Night Circus and then head out for a friends surprise 30th birthday dinner!


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