One of the things that makes it really hard to workout in January is the fact that it is dark out when I get off work at 5:30. As January has dragged on I have noticed that its starting to get lighter and lighter come 5:30, woohoo Spring is on its way!

Anyway, when I got home the sun was completely gone but I decided to suck it up and go for a run. I am glad I did it felt great!


5 min warm up walk
6 min run 2 min walk
Repeat 2x
12 min run
5 min cool down walk

38 min total and a little under 3 miles

I forgot I had this awesome neon green shirt from a 5K I did last year. I felt like I was glowing in the dark! Runner safety first! And yes, those are 2 different cat tails. One on the bottom left, Rudy, and one on the bottom right, Gibbes.

I even wore my neon shoes. These actually do glow in the dark! An awesome gift from my mom!

That’s one workout down for the week, three more to go!


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