Did some jogging and voting

Workout time! It was nice out again today, a little overcast but temperatures in the high 60s. We have had a really mild winter.

Today’s Workout:

5 min warm up walk

Jog 2 min

walk 2 min

Jog 3 min

walk 2 min

Repeat 4 times

All jogs were around a 10:30-11:45 min mile except for the last set which was around a 9:30 min mile.

Total 44 min 3.1 miles

I felt good for the most part. I started coughing a few times which made me a little nervous. Mostly I was frustrated at the length of time it took me to cover 3 miles but I am telling myself its ok. I don’t need to push myself too hard after almost no running this month and I was sick for almost 2 weeks.

After my workout I was hungry, so instead of mindless snacking I made myself a Green Monster. Tasty! I made the hubs taste it and he actually liked it. Told me he couldn’t taste the spinach at all.

Later on I went into town to go vote and to run some errands. It’s been crazy around South Carolina the past few weeks with the primary going on. I like it though, I’m pretty into politics so its been fun to see all these big names in my stomping grounds. I am very interested to see who pulls it out tonight.


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