One For the Money

I finished Janet Evanovich’s, One For The Money…

I decided that I will do book reviews for each book I read this year. I will use these basic questions below in all reviews but some reviews will be more in-depth depending on the book.

1) Was it a good book? I would give 2.5 stars out of 5.

2) Would you recommend it? I would recommend it for someone who was looking for a light read. It definitely makes a good beach read.

3) What did you like about it? Honestly there wasn’t too much I liked about it. It did have a lot action and there was rarely a dull moment.

4) What did you dislike? It was a little trashy/sleazy for my taste.

Other Comments: This book is now a movie with Katherine Heigel playing Stephanie Plum. I am pretty surprised that she decided to play this character. It does not seem like someone she would play (she comes off as snotty to me). I generally love to see movies that were made from books but I am pretty sure I will wait until this one comes out on DVD.

I can’t wait to review the book I am currently reading, The Night Circus!! Sooooo good so far!

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