Green Monster

This morning for breakfast I made my first ever Green Monster Smoothie. I have these concoctions many different places online but never really had a desire to make them. Then I got sick. So over the weekend I bought all of the ingredients in hopes that if I had one, it would boost my immune system!

I made this recipe from Iowa Girl Eats. I used cow’s milk instead of vanilla almond milk and strawberry banana Greek yogurt instead of vanilla Greek yogurt. It was good, I drank the whole thing, but I definitely think that using vanilla Greek yogurt would make it taste better. Or maybe no Greek yogurt at all.

I forgot to take a picture of my smoothie but it wasn’t as green as hers was. I think it was because I couldn’t fit that much spinach into my magic bullet. Mine looked more like this…

I’m still feeling a little sick so I am going to try another one tomorrow!

There is also a whole website dedicated to Green Monster’s! Check it out for some more recipes.

Now I’m off to watch the BCS National Championship game. Not sure who I want to win, I am just happy that it will be an SEC team!

Questions for the night:

Who do you want to win the National Championship?

Have you ever had a Green Monster?


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