Ups and Downs

This 1st week of the New Year did not go as I had wanted or planned. It started with a cough on New Years Day and turned into Bronchitis by later in the week. Now its a Bronchitis I can’t seem to kick! No fun at all.

Being sicks stopped me from working on some of my 2012 goals/resolutions.

1. I didn’t get in my workouts, only 2 logged for this week (2 Jillian Ripped in 30  workouts). I didn’t get in any running 😦

2.  I wasn’t able to focus at work, and now I feel even more behind. I still feel rough and I must go to work tomorrow!

Although I was sick pretty much all week I did get some things accomplished.

1. The hubby and I started working on and following our monthly budget a la Dave Ramsey. I am getting very excited to take the Financial Peace University Class that starts later this month.

2. Reading. I am still working on One For The Money but I should be done within a few days and then it’s onto The Night Circus.


3. We also worked on de-cluttering our house. After getting married in November and then having Christmas right after, we have acquired a good bit clutter around the house. I found this via Pinterest and its been a good guide to follow.

So this week wasn’t a great success but next week is a new week and a new start. Hopefully this bronchitis will be gone and I can go run!

Now off the try to enjoy the rest of my Sunday!


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