Five for Friday

Sorry, I took a break yesterday. My cough turned out to be bronchitis, bleh. So obviously I haven’t been doing too much.

But anyway…Five things I am loving right now…

1. Zone Perfect Bar, Pretzels and Cashews. Now looking at the long list of ingredients, they probably aren’t the best thing for you, but they sure do taste good. I love the combination of  sweet and salty!

2. Our warm Winter so far. We had a cold snap earlier this week but its supposed to be in the low 70s on Saturday! Hopefully I will feel better so I can go for a run outside!

3. Blue pens. A co-worker and I had this discussion yesterday. I only like to write with blue pens. Even if you are offering me a free pen, I will only take it if it’s blue. This is the original!

4. Christmas is over. Last week I was feeling a little bit sad about the holidays coming to an end but this week I am happy about. We have been slowly taking down the decorations this week but they will all be gone by the end of this weekend!

5. Hot Tea with cream and sugar. It has been soothing my throat and keeping me warm this week.

What are you loving right now?

Happy Friday!


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