Its been a tough few days. Being sick is never fun. I didn’t do anything today so am I hoping to feel a lot better tomorrow so I can go for a run!

When I was at the doctor yesterday I had to get on the scale. I knew the number was going to be high and I already wasn’t feeling great so I just left my shoes (knee high boots) on. Wowzers, the number that showed up was the highest number I have ever seen on the scale while just weighing myself. The scale was pretty much telling me this. Time to focus on eating.

Over at Peanut Butter Fingers, the January Book Club read was announced. It’s going to be The Night Circus. The discussion will be on February 1 and there is going to a Blog link up to all bloggers who post a review on their own blog. I had never heard of this book until it was posted to vote on. From what I have seen most people really enjoy it. Obviously, I am planning on participating. And since I don’t have it on my shelf I am going to download it onto my Nook. Yay for more Nook reading!

I saw this the other day, it really struck a cord with me.

Now back to being lazy so I can feel better!


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