No excuses!

Yesterday I was feeling really blah, and today was shaping up to be much the same. I have this cough that started on New Years day and has been progressively getting worse so I was telling myself that maybe I should just take it easy. The day went on and late in the afternoon (while I should have been being productive at work) I came across a few blog posts that got me motivated. After reading them I told myself that I just had to work out tonight.

One of them was this excellent post. I loved all of the excuses (I have probably used them all) and the responses to them.

I also got some great inspiration from this post on New Rules of Lifting for Women. I have never been a big fan of lifting but seeing all the before and after pictures (especially the one from the very start compared to now) really got me interested in the program!

So tonight after I got home from work I wasted no time watching TV, or opening mail, I got right to working out! It wasn’t the best workout (I did week 2 of Jillian’s Ripped in 30) but I was glad I did it. My cough is still here but now I have 2 workouts on the books for the week.

I finished The Violets of March today and overall I thought it was a pretty good read.

I blew through it in just a few days which isn’t something I have done in a long time! It’s being discussed over on PBFingers today if you want to join in! I was excited to see that the author, Sarah Jio was participating in the talk too! Super cool!

The other day I saw a preview for One For the Money (the fist in the Stephanie Plum book series) with Katherine Heigel.

I am not a big fan of her but I really enjoy watching movies that are made from popular books. I actually have this book sitting on my shelf so I decided to pick it up. So far it seems like it will be a fast read but it also seems to be a little sleazy to me. Kinda surprised that Katherine Heigel decided to play this character.

Wow look at me, I am a chatty Cathy tonight!

One last thing, I want to wish my dad a very happy 60th birthday!! No one in my family knows about my little blog quite yet, but I still want to wish him a great bday. He is actually out in Las Vegas staying here…

The Bellagio! Lucky!

He got that great idea to go to Vegas from me! Me and my friends are thinking about taking a trip there for our 30th birthdays which are coming up all too soon!

So to wrap it all up for the day, do you like movies that are made after popular books? If, so what are your favorites?



2 thoughts on “No excuses!

  1. I’ve really enjoyed watching The Biggest Loser, and this season is the season of no excuses. If that sixty-year old last season doesn’t teach us anyone can do it, you’re a lost cause. 🙂

    I love Janet Evanovich! Well, I like her early novels. I’m a little miffed that certain things aren’t solved by the tenth book in the series. I mean really? But since you’re just starting the first I won’t spoil it for you. One through five are definitely the best. Janet’s books are definitely adult, but isn’t as sleazy as say… James Bond.

    One thing I can say. Read them in order! This is the type of series that builds on itself and reading them out of order makes them less enjoyable.


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